Diversity is Strength

Following the horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11-12, 2017, I wrote a message for the FAU cimmunity which was shared on social media and the Libraries’ web site on the morning of August 14:

The FAU Libraries value diversity, inclusion, learning, and mutual respect above all else, and as such we denounce the violence and rhetoric of hate that invaded Charlottesville and the University of Virginia campus this past weekend. We work to embody that diversity and respect in everything we do. The FAU Libraries support all in our community, and are here as a safe space, especially for those most targeted by hatred.

We mourn those who lost their lives in Charlottesville, and our thoughts are with their families and friends.

The terrorist attack over the weekend was aimed at trying to silence voices speaking out in support of and working to establish a diverse and inclusive society. The weekend’s events do not define us – not as a nation, a community, or a university.


Many others have also voiced their outrage and strongly condemned the actions and the words of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who seek to intimidate through their violent actions and words.

The FAU Libraries stand for diversity and inclusion. We will strive to provide a welcoming and safe environment for all of FAU’s students, regardless of background.  We will support every point of view except those that seek to cause harm to others.



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